Sans titre 1.0

2 November 2008 at 2:32 pm (Hypermedia, openframeworks, School of Art, Wiimote) ()

Sans_titre_1.0 (or in English Untitled_1.0) is the first version of an interactive game-art installation. Visitors have to shake a teddy bear and to scream as loud as it can in order to get a maximum amount of points and blood drops. All this within a 20 seconds time window (and believe me, it’s really physical).

This installation is a reflexion about violence and anger. My objective here is to provide a liberation experience. With this experience I hope to also provide a reflexion on the reason why I made this game.

The game is still in its early development state. There are therefore new versions coming up soon.

An article was written in a local newspaper (La Marseillaise – October 27 2008) :


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Touching sound…

21 February 2008 at 12:06 pm (Hypermedia,, Sound, Un-Usual Post, Wiimote)

With the development of technology, touch interface became fashion in today’s geek society.Jonny Lee (previously quoted in this post) developed his own multi touch device using a Wiimote, here is a video explaining it: Touching tools appear for all kind of things, video games, palmtops, mobile phones, DJ devices, remote controls, cash redraw screens, etc.This technology first appear for a single touching point, but now, we start to see multi touch technology – with more then a single point.Here is a video from a group called iBand using a Nintendo DS and two iPhones as instruments.


The idea is not new, other tools using touch, and multi touch interfaces exist, like Korg’s KaosPadmini kp and Kaossilator.  Groups of artists also worked with touch as an interface. It is the case for Ractable, the video speaks by itself, so check it out: 

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Growing algorithm – the result of Sound/Hypermedia AOC

2 February 2008 at 10:52 pm (Hypermedia,, School of Art, Sound, Wiimote)

Last week was my last AOC Sound/Hypermedia class, here is a version of our (un)finished group work done during this course… In this project I was with Marie Fontanel, Hong Seong Hye and Aurélie Loffroy

The idea comes from tree barks… Here are some starting images:

Designed by Marie FontanelDesigned by Marie Fontanel

Designed by Marie Fontanel

We first tried to reproduce the nodes shapes using some spiral functions.

You can see the animation here.
You can see the code source in two parts : first and second part.
Built with Processing

Then we decided to put drawing rules (inspired on Game of life) : we draw using the pixels[], if the position where the pixel is going to be drawn is occupied, then the pixel searches the fastest (and easiest) way to go around the occupied space, finaly if there is no solution to go around the occupied space, then the pixel chooses a random empty position. The code is still unfinished, I guess that later I’ll change it in order to add some new rules….

We integrated the Wiimote to use it as a rubber, when you shake the Wiimote the image gets erased. To connect the Wiimote with Processing, we use a software called OSCulator. For the sound part, we use Pure Data: Processing sends to Pure Data the pixels’ orientation (its angle) which modulates some sound samples (made thanks to Audacity). Both OSCulator and Pure Data use OSC protocol to communicate with Processing. Here you can find the OSC library.

You can download the complete set here.

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Gamerz 02

9 January 2008 at 9:12 am (3D, Exhibition, Games, Hypermedia, Mechatronics,, Sound, Videos, Wiimote)

Gamerz 02, an exhibition about artistic experimental video games/game culture, organized by Collectif M2F Créations will be held in Aix en Provence in January 2008 from the 15th until the 27th. Here you can find a french descrpition of this exhibition.

M2F Créations

Coming up… More content about this exhibition with photos, videos and comments…

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8 January 2008 at 12:23 am (3D, Hypermedia, Links,, Wiimote)

TGS 2005 + Nintendo + Bluetooth + Johnny Lee + CES 2008 + Alienware = Head Tracking for Desktop VR ultra panoramic displays

Ok… This is not clear at all…

Here are the explanations about this post:

As some of you may know, Nintendo Wii‘s control, the Wiimote, was presented by Nintendo in the 2005 edition of the TGS (Tokyo Game Show). I’ve spoken many times about the Wiimote here, but this small industrial object represents a huge advance in man-machine interaction. The best of all, it uses Bluetooth to link with the Wii. In fact the Bluetooth signal used by the Wiimote is not encoded, allowing other Bluetooth devices, like a computer for instance, to receive informations. That allows us to make programs using the Wiimote. This is one of the objectives of the AOC classes in Hypermedia.

Reading the Digital Tools blog, I’ve discovered the work of Johnny Chung Lee, an Ph.D. Graduate Student in Human-Computer Interaction Institute at the Carnegie Mellon University. Among his works, I’ve been captivated by the head tracking device for VR (Virtual Reality) desktops. Here is a vide, way more explicit then any text:

In the 2008 edition of the CES (Consumer Electronics Association), Alienware (a company that produces high performance computer systems) presented a ultra widescreen display. Here is a video showing it in action:

Now, imagine both videos working together… Nice… :)

This head tracking device made me think on a Philips project : the WOW vx 3D presented in this year CES, making from a flat screen a 3D experience. Now, only personal experience can say what of this two solutions can provide a high end 3D feeling.

Here a link to some 3D videos for the Philips system.

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