Project selected for the Biennial of Young Artists from Europe and the Mediterranean

13 February 2009 at 2:01 am (2304802)

Greetings everybody,

It’s been a while I haven’t post anything in here, the fact is : I started to use twitter, I am applying for a master course in Interaction Design in the prestigious Royal College of Art (I expect to hear more about this in some weeks) and this is my graduation year (so I am preparing my diploma, and I have to work hell a lot)… Besides all this I also set up my portfolio site (currently working for the RCA application process), you can visit it here.

Dans les temps

Finally, the good news :

Last year, Candie Alet, Elodie Garrone and me worked on a project with the code-name “Metronome”. The project was presented twice : once in the Aix en Provence School of Art, and another time in the Aix-en-Provence City Hall for the “C’est Sur Festival” (old blog reference here). In my (brand new) site, you can find some updated informations about the evolution of this project, that is now a piece called “Dans les temps” (Right in time).
This year the Biennial of Young Artists from Europe and the Mediterranean will take place in Skopje (Macedonia). There was a call for participants in september, and of course we answered it.
Today, around 7pm we received a phone call from the organization telling us a good news and a bad one : we got selected for the biennial, but only one member of the group will have his transportation paid (that’s not such a bad news… I mean, we got selected).

Here you are…. Exhibitions coming soon :

First round from 19 April until 31 May in Montpellier;
Second round will be in Skopje;
Final round will be in Marseilles in 2010.

Pretty cool no?


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