Pixel Junk Eden

3 June 2008 at 6:02 pm (Games)


Watching WIRED’s Game|Life podcast (Episode 16) I discovered the new Pixel Junk (that is in fact a set of games produced by Q-Games) game : Eden.

As far as I could understand, Eden is a game where you are a kind of minimalist creature with some kind of ninja rope power (quoting one of the Worms accessories). Using this power you have to move around the world in order to polonaise plants and make theme grow, in other words you make a garden.

Since I don’t have a Plastation3 (donations are welcome), I don’t know quite well if the game got released. I just know that it will be a downloadable game.

What I like watching the video of the game are the graphics, the fluidity and the organic impression, but also the fact that the gameplay seems to be simple.

Here is the trailer video :



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