Olivier Grossetête in Aix

2 June 2008 at 11:28 pm (Exhibition, School of Art)


Saturday, May the 24th 2008, a group of students, including myself, from Aix en Provence school of art assisted Olivier Grossetête for his performance/installation in the Cours Mirabeau (in Aix en Provence downtown).

Structure - Olivier Grossetête in Aix by night

His performance was to build with the help of locals a replica of the Madeleine church, also located in Aix en Provence, using cardboard boxes. In this work, Grossetête is interested in how forces are put together randomly (people passing in the streets are invited to come help). From this chaotic force emerges an organization that is capable to build a complex structure. People that never knew each-other before, that never worked together, with different study levels and different social status, creating a chaotic force emerging an organization power that is capable to build a complex structure, just like ants or bees.

The fact that during the time of this performance, people from different horizons and social classes, makes his work some how political. De facto, people involved could speak with each other in an equal level. No superiors, no bias, just dialogue, and unification.

Here is a video :

Here you can find other structures built by Olivier Grossetête.



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