17 March 2008 at 1:08 pm (Un-Usual Post, Videos)

A little word about ecology and eco-participation…

I was looking for cartoons and series that I used to watch when I was a kid. And I realized something. Some of the cartoons I used to watch had a strong message.

I am thinking on Captain Planet.

I loved that cartoon… And now I’m realizing that there is nearly 20 years that people warn us about the harmful activities done by mankind.

Here is Captain Planet’s intro:

Note that 4 continents out of 6 are represented by characters, Antarctica being unoccupied and global politics required to put USSR instead of Oceania.

This cartoon clearly shows us that we did harm nature but we have to concentrate all our strength to protect Earth, and this independently of the political point of vie. I think the discussion was lunched long time ago but the due attention is starting to be given by international community. Well at least this cartoon was useful for something (I heard many times my parents say “stop watching TV and go do your homework” they were right :p ops).

So let’s try to pay a little more attention on our impact on ecosystem.

Like this our successors will watch Pingu and understand why everything is white and what are those strange creatures… :p

Bonus, some of the cartoons I used to watch:


For now… That’s all folks…


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