Back in Aix en Provence

24 February 2008 at 11:55 pm (Exhibition, Links, School of Art, Semaine thématique, Sound)

Here I am, back home again, in Aix en Provence, after a two week trip to the Netherlands. In a future post, I’ll be giving more details about the 12th edition of Sonic Acts. I’ll also present Yolande Harris, English artist in residence at the Montevideo institute in collaboration with the STEIM (STudio for Electro-Instrumental Music, located in Amsterdam), working with sound.

Coming week, in the Aix en Provence School of Art, we will have Sonotorium, 3 days with conferences about sound and art.

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The first day, February the 25th, Jean-Paul Ponthot, headmaster of the Aix en Provence School of Art, will present “Idéologie du bruit” (Ideology of noise). Then Bastien Gallet will held “Le son et ses dehors” (Sound and its outsides). Finally, Christina Kubisch programmed a sound projection.

The 26th, Alexandre Castant will start with “Le son, l’image et son double” (Sound, image and its double). Jerome Hansen will continue with ““Le problème d’image“ des arts sonores, une généalogie en trois zones de contacts” (The sound art “image problem“, a genealogy in three contact zones). We’ll finish the day with Kaffe Matthews‘ performance.

The last day, February the 27th, will start with “La forme comme traversée” (The shape as crossing) presented by Christophe Kihm. The next conference will be “Son et déraison” (Sound and unreason) by David Zerbib. To enclose the conference week, we will watch Philippe Franck’s selection of films:

Luc Ferrari face à sa tautologie, 2 jours avant la fin” (2006, 52min) by Guy-Marc Hinant and Dominique Lohlée;

“The movement of people working” (2003) by Phill Niblock.


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