Sonic Acts opening night

22 February 2008 at 2:45 pm (Exhibition, Hypermedia, Links, Sound)

Today, February the 21st 2008, was the opening night for the 12th edition of the Sonic Acts Festival, in Amsterdam – Netherlands. The festival takes place in 4 different localizations: the Netherlands’ Media Art Institute, also known as Montevideo; the Melkweg, the Paradiso and the De Balie.

The night started at Montevideo, where we could enjoy the exhibition opening. In there, we can see the instalations from Ulf Langheinrich (Soil – 2005 – and OSC – 2006)

Julien Maire (Low Resolution Cinema – 2005 – and Exploding Camera – 2007)

Boris Debackere (probe)

and Kurt Hentschläger (Scape – 2007).

After that, in De Bali, we could watch Stan Brakhage‘s film Dog Star Man (1961-1964,73’00), in parallel we could experience the live performance done by the Drone People(Joachim Nordwall, Mika Vainio, Hildur Gudnadöttir, C. Spencer Yeh, Carl Michael von Hausswolff, Stephen O’Malley and BJ Nilsen). The live performance is a 4 hours succession of individual performances. No rules were defined except to be alone on the stage and to end like the beginning.

Post done for the festival, you can see it here


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