31 December 2007 at 10:00 pm (Un-Usual Post)

Happy New Year!!!


I guess the New Year eve is pretty globalized now… Everywhere in the world, we see fireworks… And they all look the same…

It’s amazing to see the quantity of fireworks burned in the new year eve in the streets of Holland… Traditional Dutch families spend around 300 euros (it can go until 500 euros, for the midle class)… The day after, the streets are full of… not empty bottles but burnt fireworks… Big difference from my home country (Brazil) where you walk on a sea of empty bottles…

and now more New Year stuff…

Here is a (pretty funny) video I’ve made showing nieuwjaarsduik a freezing diving into hot water (8°C) in Scheveningen… It’s the midday new year celebration, a dutch tradition sponsored by a sauces brand…
I still wonder how was the water…

PS: dutch people seem to have a different and interesting vision of prudishness: after diving, they need to change clothes, and for this you just need to get naked in the middle of everybody on the beach… And no need to hide parts, they don’t really care…

In order to understand a part of dutch culture, I was advised to buy a book of Colin White and Laurie Boucke, both English, called The Undutchables.


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