Peinture et débordements – Day 1 out of 4 – Morning

19 December 2007 at 12:11 am (School of Art, Semaine thématique)

From the 17th until the 20th of December, we will be having conferences organized by Claire Renier (art historian, artist and teacher of “History and aesthetics of contemporary art” at the Aix en Provence Art School) on the subject of “Painting and it’s overflows“.

We obviously engaged discussions with an introduction made by Claire Renier where she explained the reasons she wanted to organize this conference cycle around this very specific topic: based on her artistic practice in painting, drawing and video, to her experience and contact in art world (meetings with artists and art works that interested her); she observed that contemporary pictorial practice are linked to overflow practice.

By painting overflow, Clair Renier wants to reflect the changes observable in painting : overtaking the frame, moving it and getting the painting away from it. This conferences bring the debate about painting practice, within painting itself but although in other disciplines, like experimental films, sculpture and digital art.

Then Clair Renier presented us some art works to exemplify her concept of painting overflow. By overflowing, she means by adding, subtracting or changing matter, gesture, story, meeting and format.

She started speaking about Philip Guston (here you have a link to an article in English). Here are some of his works :

The color importance, the flatness, the matter addition (for the last painting), the passages between abstraction and pictorial forms and the proximity to comics drawings are some of the aspects of overflow.

Supports Surfaces, a group of artists, known for the equal importance they give to material, creative gestures and final work. This are some of aspects reflect the definition that Claire Renier wanted to give to the overflow in painting concept. That’s a good reason to present a part of their work, here are some of them:

As we can observe here, they totally change the way painting is presented, they change it support: they use walls, frames, fabrics, etc.

Another artist to overflow in painting is Steven Parrino. He builds non conventional frames, with holes, he uses canvas without frame or deliberated fixed with a low tension and he uses bright synthetic inks.

To be honest, there is such a big list of artists and artworks is enormous… So I’ll stop it here for now…


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