Parkour : art of moving

15 December 2007 at 6:07 pm (Un-Usual Post, Videos)

Today, I saw a reportage in television a documentary, called Vol au dessus des citées, realised by Mark Daniels, showing what Yamakasi is about. Here is a link for the video in French with English subtitles (I loved the documentary).

Yamakasi is a group and association from Paris suburban neighborhoods that practice the art of Parkour. Yamakasi, is not Japanese, and it means strong spirit, strong body. This name was in fact made up in order to sound like Japanese and African… It tries to reflect the multicultural and multi ethnic aspects of French suburban neighborhoods… Le Parkour is a form of corporal art born from a mixture of martial arts, gymnastic, escalation and dance. The urbanism context is although important in the sence that modernist architeture was indirectly responsible for the beginning of the movement. Still, the best way to have a definition is by watching a video by yourself, therefore I invite you to watch this video :

Here is another documentary about Le Parkour and the Yamakasi group :

The reason I think le Parkour is a form of art, is that they have a real aesthetic preoccupation and it is a way to explore and interpret urban space… It represents for theme a way of expression.

PS : Yamakasi were invited by Ariel Zeitoun to produce a film, “Yamakasi – Les samouraïs des temps modernes“, released in April 2001.

PS2: I saw this and thought on Mario Bross jumping… And it made me think on some Billy Elliot scenes too… I wonder why :


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