A/V Feedback

10 December 2007 at 12:30 am (Circuit Bending Workshop, Hybrid Workshop, Hypermedia, Processing.org, School of Art, Sound, Videos)

Here is a schedule of my project in the hybrid workshop and sound/hypermedia AOC (Creation Tool Workshop)…

Basically, I see the electronic components of the computer and its structure as a filter to generate and modulate sound. Using a phone pickup coil (a kind of “mic” that is able to register electromagnetic variations some decades ago this kind of material was used to spy phone calls), I listen to the computer electromagnetic variations.

I treat the collected signal with Pure Data, where I digitalise it and send the data to processing, in order to produce a visualisation of the sounds. I want to pick up the signal straight from the video card. Since the computer treats both the audio and the video signal, we can considerate this kind of experience with a kind of A/V feedback.

This work is based on three references. First, the most obvious for me : Alvin Lucier‘s piece, I am sitting in a room (1970). In this piece, Alvin Lucier uses a room as a filter, his voice is deformed by the room acoustic proprieties. In the end, the room is seen as a music instrument.

Another obvious reference is the Feedback exhibition (held in 2007) in Gijón – Spain. Among the art works, the one of the 5voltcore piece : Shockbot Corejulio (2004), a hacked compute, where a robot produces circuit connexions directly on the video card.

Finally, once again, Nicola Collins‘ workshop about circuit bending and work with feedback is my last reference.

To finish, I’ve made a small animation as a schedule for my project, here are the details :

Animation here

Source codes: Presentation_AOC_LAB_DS_Fictions_2_c Electre Moniteur Noise Plug Pure_Data Speaker carte

Source code ziped

Built with Processing


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