High Voltage Circuit Bending

9 December 2007 at 2:58 pm (Circuit Bending Workshop, Hybrid Workshop, Links, Mechatronics, Sound, Videos)

Here is an example of high voltage (HV) circuit bending: a keyboard connected to a tesla coil. When you play a note, the tesla coil is activated. I don’t know how dangerous this is… so… I don’t know if it is a good idea to do it…

Still in the HV theme, here is another video of what we can built with a HV Power Supply (more then 30k volts): we can build lifters. Basically, when the 30kV field is generated, the air around the anode and cathode gets ionized and start to create an unstable plasma gas vertex. When the air particles hit the aluminum sheet, a small force is generated, when you make the sum of all the forces, the structure starts to lift. To build a HV Power Supply, you can use and modify an old cathodic tube. Here, you can find how to build your own lifter (be careful please…) and here you can find some theories about how lifters work…

Well, here are videos of lifters, enjoy it:

And now with some speech:


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  1. bob smtih said,

    this so called “lifter” is just an ion wind generating device the thin wire on the top positively charges the air while the foil is negatively charged pulling down the ionized air thus creating thrust don’t believe me? put this devices in a vacuum with no air and it will not work ! it has nothing to do with magnetic fields. oh, reversing the polarity does not prove anything because if the air is charged negatively or positively the foil is still the opposite, and the ionized air will still travel toward the oppositely polarized surface.

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