Biennial of Lyon – Part 2

5 December 2007 at 6:02 pm (Exhibition, Links, Sound)

Invited by Sean O’Toole (editor in Art South Africa), James Webb’s work, The black passage, 2006, was one of the most touching pieces of the biennial for me.

The piece is long(?) black dark corridor, with a wall of speakers diffusing a continuous psychedelic sound. Around the speaker wall we can see a white glimmer. When you walk in , you loose spacial perception, and you don’t really know how long the corridor is. Seeing this piece, I had the impression that the corridor got longer as I walk in, since this piece speaks “suggests a lift descending into Johannesburg’s deepest goldmine“, the phenomenon makes me think on an endless and uncomfortable travel to the center of the earth…

Johannesburg’s deepest goldmine

When I first saw Webb’s work, I immediately thought on James Thurrell’s work with light. For instance “The Light Inside“:

Another artist that came into my mind seeing The black passage, is Dan Flavin and his work with neon lights :


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