Past week, AOC and drawing introduction…

21 November 2007 at 12:15 pm (Hybrid Workshop, Hypermedia, Mechatronics,, School of Art, Sound)

Since last week, I didn’t had time to write on my blog. So I’ll do a short summary and talk about the things that happened. I’ve already spoken about Monday and Tuesday (second part here) in past posts, therefore, I’ll start speaking about Wednesday. We should have started the mecatronics workshop, but since there was the Mormyrophone™ workshop with Christian Graff going on, we had no class.


But we could stay there to see what was going on and how it worked. Students were working on the Mormyre (scientific name: Petrocephalus simus) a tropical freshwater fish living in Democratic Republic of Congo, Angola and Zambia that produces an electrical signal and has electroreeptors to locate itself and predators. The objective of this workshop, was to use the signals generated by the fishes as a number input on the computers.


Students developed several works using Processing, Blender and Pure Data. The generated signal variates randomly, so it can be used as an exponential random function (that explains the use of logarithm to treat the signal). The fish is although sensitive to external electric variations.

Thursday, we had our first Sound and Hypermedia AOC. We started learning the bases of Pure Data : number box; message box; object box; sum, subtract, multiply and divide objects; bang object; float object; and print object. Finally we shortly introduced the variable concept. We although saw connection between boxes and learnt that electronic sound is mainly number manipulation. We made a small program that counts the number of apples and prints a sentence on the screen.

PD-Cours 1

By the afternoon, we had our first hypermedia class… We saw a number of artists like . Then we started to learn some really basic concepts like the size, ellipse and stroke objects. We although learnt some bases of color on a computer screen : the prime colors are not Cyan, Magenta and Yellow but Red, Blue, Green; and the sum of all colors don’t produce black but white. The last thing we learnt was that color values go from 0 to 255 (because it’s encoded on 8 bits). Finally we saw that shapes have two color parameters: their line and their area. We can change theme by using the line and fill objects.


Friday, we debated about what would become the “Atelier des fictions” project. We will discuss about it again next Friday.

Monday we had English class, we discussed about doing a blog in English speaking about our experience in the academy, this blog will be soon on-line. At the afternoon, we had philosophy class, this year’s topic we will be about Machine, Thought and behaviour.

Tuesday, we had drawing class at the morning. Our topic was the tool. By the afternoon teatcher were on strike.



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