Free music and free culture… Legally…

13 November 2007 at 8:34 pm (Un-Usual Post)

Everybody knows that music and film industry are controlled by a few big and complex corporations, we call this an oligopoly. In a structure like the one of music industry, a few persons control what gets access to public and how much it costs. Most part of the benefits go to the same persons that have decision power, artists are under-payed (or less payed then the corporations’ declaration).Many Internet users download in an illegal way using Peer to Peer software or Torrent servers. The problem downloading illegal content is that it gives legal legitimacy to media industry. If the big bosses (that are sharks and money addicted) decide to put every illegal media user in a tribunal, they will have legal tools and power to win.© by  Just to be clear, I’m not saying that the artists and authors don’t have to win money and that everything should be free, in a money point of view. I’m saying that culture shouldn’t be managed by a few business men that think more about capital values then cultural values. Business men are necessary in the music creation process, but not in the position they have now.In order to fight against media oligopoly and illegal download, we should prefer to use legal services like radios or web-radios then doing illegal stuff or buying a CD (both actions give more power for the corporations)…Based on this reflexion, I’ve put a small selection of web-radios in my blogroll in order to give ideas…1920's Radio Equipment - Source interesting link is the Pandora website, where you enter a music or a band name and the site shows you more musics with the same music characteristics. So you listen to free legal content with a style chosen by you and you get to know more and more bands…. Isn’t that awesome? like Pandora, or web-radios need users to keep alive…So, now you have the tools to fight against music industry, enjoying nice legal content…So feel free, have fun and use it…. And no more excuses… :D PS: If you have a nice web-radio, don’t hesitate to send me the link… If I like it I’ll put in my selection in the Blogroll :D 


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