Wifi signal-strength-bio-meter…

11 November 2007 at 1:04 pm (Un-Usual Post)

This post on We Make Money Not Art blog, about “the pain of everyday life” project, made me think on our Hybrid Workshop theme, concerning the forces that build our world and reality.

Gordan Savicic

Thanks to this corset, we can have the ability to feel some invisible electromagnetic wave length… The stronger the signal is, the tighter the corset gets. Régine Debatty exposes feeling generated by the corset as a “pain of information society”, where “Daily walks between home, work and leisure are recompiled into a “pain-map””.

Gordan Savicic

Another aspect of this corset is the denunciation about Internet and technology democratisation disparity in the world. If you wear this corset in New York you’ll get a really tight corset, getting you nearly suffocating. Somewhere like Burundi, where Internet and technology access is really rare, the corset is nearly like a t-shirt with some mecatronic equipment on it. I don’t know if the artist wanted to develop this kind of issue but I thought about this problems while I was reading Régien’s post… UN made a resolution and a World Information Society Day to discuss about Information Technology integration.


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