Fake Wood, True end?

29 October 2007 at 7:30 am (Hybrid Workshop, School of Art)

This week we finished our project. We have installed the laine de roche in order to get the phonic isolation, we painted the volume in fake wood, we found a system to close the door and we varnished it.

Friday October the 26th morning, we installed all the electronics inside: amplifier, computer, speaker… We found out about a “small problem”: the heat inside the electronics’ space gets too high for the amp, and we had to change the amplifier.

This Friday was evaluation day too; we received some critics like the fact to use a recorded sound and to control the sound rhythm with the wiimote. We agree with the critics we had received, to be honest I really wanted to build system using the live sound record, but we had not the capacities and time to learn and understand perfectly the tools (pure data) used for this. Therefore, this project has a fake wood and a fake end. Now I guess we will improve some things, like the door , the sound system and we will find some solutions for the heat issue.


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