One small step for the project

15 October 2007 at 7:34 am (Hybrid Workshop, School of Art)

Friday we started to discus what materials we would need to build our project and what dimensions to use.

Here is our ideal project:

For the size, all dimensions are multiply by 8, that makes a 1m76 height, 0.92m width metronome.

For the materials we would use the following list:


One square base 920 x 920mm.

Two square middle bases 720 x 720mm.

One square top base 300 x 300mm.

Four isosceles trapeze faces, 300mm small width, 920mm large width, 1717mm height, 1720mm edge.

Four isosceles triangles faces, 300mm base, 200mm edge, 140mm height.

Four wood structures 920x25x25mm.

Four wood structures 720x25x25mm.

Four wood structures 300x25x25mm.

Four wood structures 1720x25x25mm.

#Screws and Nails:

100 nails.

6 wood screws.

#Isolation materials:


2 square meters of “laine de roche”

double glazing glass


4 neon lights.

#Sound system:
1 microphone.

1 speaker.

1 amplifier.

1 Computer with Pure Data.


1 metronome

Wood varnish

As I told before, this is our ideal project. For economical reasons, we decided to change our sizes, now the project height is 1200mm, its width is 643mm. We might change the double glazing glass to a normal glass.

Besides this technical boring stuff, we started to try to build the pure data patch that is harder then what we expected.

The following weeks, we will finish the pure data patch and will put all the material together (I believe…).


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