Exhibition “Video vortex” in the Netherlands Media Art Institute

15 October 2007 at 7:09 pm (Exhibition, Hybrid Workshop, Links)

Last Tuesday, I had class with Douglas Edric Stanley about the web 2.0 and how to make a (this) blog… He spent a lot of time speaking about the Web 2.0, ok I’m kind of a geek sometimes, I had heard about it already, but I had no clue on what was it, how fascinating it is, and all the consequences this “small” change made.

After this course, I happily got home, turned on my computer, as I usually do, logged into my chat program, mail and all my accounts on the web, and started to search about the web 2.0. I finally learnt what this orange thing called RSS was, so, started subscribe to the sites I liked to visit most.

Today, I got home, and same ritual : turn on computer, logs in, bla bla bla… NEW THING, since last week, check the RSS new posts… Ok, I go read the new stuff at Rhizome and I see this : AN ART EXEBITHION ABOUT THE WEB 2.0! OH MY GOD!!!! I immediately think, GREAT! I’ll go see it in my Christmas/New year break… But bloody hell… The exhibition stops on December the 2nd… Yey!!! I must find a way to go to the Netherlands!!! :p

I’ve just read that they’ll do Video Vortex II… And it will be rocking while I’ll be in the area!!! : D That means that I’ll go for sure there to see this exhibition…


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